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TDO Meet-ups

Enjoy Ravioli's ramblings and musings on some of our get-togethers in the initial years of TDO. Happily, there are still meet-ups even to the current day; however our enthusiasm for documenting them has long since departed :-)

Aylesbury, England 24 July, 1998 Aylesbury, England Details
Romford, England 28 November, 1998 Romford, England Details
London, England 21 January, 1999 London, England Details
Copenhagen, Denmark 18 March, 1999 Copenhagen, Denmark Details
Romford, England 2 April, 1999 Romford, England Details
London, England 3 February, 2000 London, England Details
Romford, England 22 April, 2000 Romford, England Details
Amsterdam, Netherlands 19 July, 2000 Amsterdam, Netherlands Details
Newbury, England 25 August, 2000 Newbury, England Details
Royal Leamington Spa, England 17 February, 2001 Royal Leamington Spa, England Details
London, England 11 August, 2001 London, England Details
Amsterdam, Netherlands 24 August, 2001 Amsterdam, Netherlands Details