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25th August, 2000 - Newbury, England
Present were: TDO_Kntajus, TDO_Ravioli, TDO_SloeDjin and TDO_Ve7
Excuses: TDO_Dentist "My car's buggered"
The i-series are regular LAN meets organised by Multiplay UK. Four TDO members had decided to go to the fifth of these meets to be held at the Newbury Racecourse over the bank holiday weekend of August 2000. SloeDjin got there first on Friday, followed by Kntajus and they got their computers set up ready. Ve7 arrived early Saturday morning and reassembled his machine next to them. Later on Saturday when Ravioli arrived, he hadn't been allocated a space; fortunately there was space behind the other three Diuturnals and it was here where his machine was parked.
The 1 on 1 Unreal Tournament deathmatch started early Saturday, before Ravioli had even arrived, however he was kindly entered into it by the other three. Ve7 and SloeDjin were drawn in the same group, which obviously meant at least one TDO victory, this going to Ve7. Ravioli arriving late took a while to get UT working and three whippings in low gravity levels later, wished he hadn't. Kntajus and SloeDjin also got defeated convincingly, while Ve7 put up a brave fight, but ultimately failed too. It was then that the four Diuturnals realised just what a sad bunch of people went to these meets. All day Unreal Tournament was played and indeed the Diuturnals faired much better in open play, some interesting and fun mods were also installed and played.
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