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18th March, 1999 - Copenhagen, Denmark
Present were (from left to right) TDO_Ravioli, TDO_Kntajus, TDO_McBart and TDO_Adonai.
Excuses: TDO_Brandano "I haven't got a job, so I can't afford it"
Having seen most of the other TDO stalwarts, Kntajus, McBart and Ravioli felt it was about time they met the Danish arm of TDO, i.e. Adonai. Having met at Ravioli's house late the previous evening, the adventurous trio set out on their long and arduous journey, on the morning of the 18th March 1999. Little then did they know what adventures would follow, as they proudly wore their TDO shirts. After a relatively uneventful drive to Harwich, the threesome parked and entered Harwich port. Here Kntajus bought some light reading (FHM magazine), and they shared their first of many beers together, whilst admiring the many young Danish females they were about to journey with. The three TDO members boarded the ship, to take them to Esbjerg a little after 3pm and made their way to their cabin to relax while the boat left port. A while later they explored the ship and decided to see a movie that evening, everyone was in a happy and relaxed mood.
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