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17th February 2001 - Royal Leamington Spa, England
Present were TDO_Kntajus, TDO_McBart and TDO_Ravioli.
Kntajus was having a birthday party to celebrate his 26th year and McBart and Ravioli both decided to go. McBart and Ravioli arrived at Kntajus' house in the afternoon, McBart arriving first and Ravioli not long after. Another of Kntajus' friends was also staying at his house and so the three Diuturnals had to wait for him to arrive. Eventually he arrived and introductions were made, the group then set off to the shops to get some food and beer. On arriving back at Kntajus' house the beer was started and pizzas were cooked to feed the foursome. A while later a cab was called and after a few more beers it arrived to take the revellers into Royal Leamington Spa to a pub called The Benjamin Satchwell to meet Kntajus' other friends. On arriving introductions were made and much beer was bought.
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