An Online Gaming Group
3rd February, 2000 - London, England
Present were TDO_Ravioli, TDO_Kntajus and TDO_SloeDjin.
One cold day in early February three TDO members decided to meet in London for a few drinks. Kntajus and SloeDjin were already in London on a course for work, so Ravioli made the arduous train journey to Leicester Square to meet them. Once the three had met and SloeDjin and Ravioli had been introduced they headed to McDonalds for a quick bite to eat. After which the three Diuturnals headed to a local pub called The Moon Under Water. Much beer was drunk and many stories were told as the hours passed and eventually it was time for the pub to close; so the fearless three set off to find some much needed munchings. A small Italian place was found and food was ordered and eaten, after which the meal was paid for, at least it was believed to have been. After leaving the eatery it was time for the Diuturnals to split up, with Ravioli catching a bus home from Trafalgar Square and SloeDjin and Kntajus returning to their hotel via an internet cafe and so another meet came to a close.