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24th August, 2001 - Amsterdam, Netherlands
Present were TDO_Strac, TDO_Killersunited, TDO_TheDude, TDO_Shadow, TDO_Damor and RL_Villa
Friday night, drinking night
Killersunited arrived in the afternoon in Amsterdam, having used a route that he was taught in the army: circle around your target for an hour before approaching it. After stuffing his gear in Strac's apartment they parked his car where it would be safe from the feared wheelclamps and did some shopping in the nearby liquor store, returning with copious amounts of orange juice, red bull, bitter lemon, Grolsch, normal vodka, red vodka & gin. After that they went back to the apartment to relax a little bit, as it was the hottest weekend of the year in Holland, with temperatures rising above 30 degrees celsius. The small amount of German TV channels was checked out on the telly and Killersunited practiced playing TO on a decent conn.
This weekend the Uitmarkt was held in Amsterdam, the start of the new cultural season, meaning loads of bands and performances played for free for the whole weekend. Damor arrived at the premises around 7 o'clock, hauling his cocktail gear, lemon acid and a big bag of leaking ice that somehow had managed to survive a 45 minutes public transport trip in the heat. He got right on the job of supplying alcohol-containing beverages to the demanding crowd. After a few cocktails, Killersunited & Strac went out to get pizza for the 3 people.
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