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24th August, 2001 - Amsterdam, Netherlands
Friday night, drinking night
Later on Shadow & TheDude arrived and joined the alcoholic attendance. Next to drinking and talking, Tac Ops 2.0 was also played (under the nick [TDO]Party). Strac's tactics were summarized by Shadow as "You're just a lucky bastard!!!" Then Villa also joined, having a good time without drinking any alcohol (shock horror!), but instead indulging himself in one of the smokeable wares Amsterdam is famous for.
At 12 o'clock the TDOers left for the Leidseplein area while Villa went home (woe the burden of a girlfriend). Upon arrival they entered the Paradiso, a famous discotheque, which was also hosting an Uitmarkt dance event. TheDude however had some problems with entering, as the bouncer told him he looked too drunk. TheDude however explained that he always looks like that, and astounded by this feat of pure logic the bouncer let him in. After that a lot of dancing was done by the guys, mostly with underage girls.
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