An Online Gaming Group
24th July, 1998 - Aylesbury, England
Present were (from left to right) TDO_Ravioli, Tiger_Woman, TDO_McBart and TDO_Kntajus.
Late in July 1998, TDO members were invited to McBart's 18th birthday party, only two of McBart's fellow members made it to this festive occasion. Both Ravioli and Kntajus drove to McBart's to help celebrate his coming of age; Ravioli arrived first and met McBart and some friends in a local pub, many drinks and pool games later they left, with Ravioli victorious! On to the party they went, where, after more drinks, Kntajus arrived; more drinking followed, until Ravioli sought solace away from the noise and bright lights in the toilets and was lured into the nicest smelling of the two!
A while later Kntajus too needed respite and made his way back to his car where he settled for the night. Upon awakening Ravioli made his way back to the party, where McBart was enjoying some nibbles; soon the party died down and McBart and Ravioli made their way to McBart's home. McBart went back to offer assistance to anyone that wanted it, while Ravioli kicked some Rebel Base butt at XvT. Later Bart returned, after bloodying himself whilst acting drunkenly and our heroes settled down for the night. Kntajus awoke and embarked on his long journey home before the others, who finally got up half an hour before Bart was due to leave to play cricket, having volunteered his services the night before. Ravioli set off home, as Bart ran to catch his ride and the TDO meet ended!