An Online Gaming Group
11th August, 2001 - London, England
Present were TDO_Ravioli, TDO_Kntajus and TDO_Brandano.
It had been a long time since Brandano had been back to England from his Italian motherland and Kntajus and Ravioli decided to meet him in Leicester Square for a few drinks. Kntajus drove down to Ravioli's late the previous evening, and at about midday the next day the two regular TDO meet participants caught a train into central London. On arriving at the regular Leicester Square meeting place (Moon Under Water pub), the duo saw that Brandano was already there eagerly awaiting the arrival of his two fellow Diuturnals. After greetings were exchanged the threesome went into the pub to partake in some drinking. A little later, rather than retire to a food establishment the Diuturnals ate in the pub, while consuming more ale and chatting about old times. Many hours later the trio left the pub to see if they could catch a film, showing at one of the many nearby cinemas. Kntajus decided he'd like to see Swordfish with John Travolta and so the Diuturnals headed to The Warner Village, where they had the pleasure of paying ten English pounds each for tickets. A couple of hours later, after the film had finished, Kntajus and Ravioli said their goodbyes to Brandano and left for Ravioli's house while Brandano headed back to his hotel, thus bringing yet another TDO meet to an end.