An Online Gaming Group
21st January, 1999 - London, England
Present were TDO_Brandano, TDO_GreyArea, TDO_Kntajus and TDO_Ravioli.
Excuses: TDO_McBart "I'm playing squash"
The London venue had been decided upon, due to Kntajus's work commitments in London that week. GreyArea came straight from his work place, also in London, while Brandano and Ravioli made their way in from their respective homes, by train. After meeting and eating in McDonalds the four intrepid explorers headed to a local pub, for some beer and cheer. Hours later, suitably refreshed, our heroes separated, Brandano and GreyArea went one way and Kntajus and Ravioli another, to make their way home. While GreyArea rushed to catch his last train home, Kntajus and Ravioli were drawn to the bright lights of Pizza Hut, where they ate heartily. After leaving these two stalwarts of TDO meets separated to make their long and weary journeys home, thus ending another TDO meet.