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22nd April, 2000 - Romford, England
The next day more LAN action was had and the Diuturnals ate their usual McDonalds lunch. Later that evening the four ventured out to the pub for some beer and pool, they left with Ravioli and McBart victorious over Kntajus and SloeDjin. On the way to the chinese take away our heroes came across a damsel in distress, who was wearing no shoes and quite inappropriate dress for a cold spring evening. She was obviously frightened of something, so the 4 TDO members led her to a phone box and gave her money to use the phone. Kntajus stayed with her while Ravioli ordered the chinese and McBart and SloeDjin had a piss. After a while the damsel's ride arrived and so did the chinese and so the Diuturnals returned to Ravioli's house to eat. The next day it was time for the Diuturnals to go their separate ways, and after packing up their computers, SloeDjin, Kntajus and McBart left bringing another eventful meet to a close.
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