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18th March, 1999 - Copenhagen, Denmark
During the film that evening McBart had a sudden urge to evacuate his bladder, so he quickly left the cinema and rushed to the toilet. When he finally managed to get someone to let him back in, he'd purchased a beer and missed half of the film (no great loss!). Later on the trio drunk merrily and danced in the disco, whilst admiring the talents of the disc jockey, who even managed to mix the same songs into each other, quite a feat I think you'll agree! Mind you the Danish contingient (mostly female and under 20, right up Kntajus's street!) seemed happy enough, though when you can produce such pop wonders as Cartoons, it's not that surprising. Oh well I guess you can't expect everything, i.e. looks and taste! Anyway, the night ended late, as our intrepid explorers headed off for some well earned rest and sweet dreams, and oh how sweet they were :-)
Is it foggy or is the window just dirty?
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