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24th August, 2001 - Amsterdam, Netherlands
Saturday, marching day
After recovering from the night before, Strac & Killersunited set out on a sight-seeing trip through town. First they went off to the Museumplein, where a number of Uitmarkt podiums stood with bands playing. Killersunited got slightly intimidated when he started counting the amount of women taller than him, and it appeared to them that it would be much easier to actually count the women that were smaller than him. After staying there a bit and watching different bands, they continued walking to the Leidseplein where the local Burger King provided some snacks and beverages to the overheated TDOers.
After that the Great Walk continued, going to the Koningsplein and then to the Dam, only interrupted by Strac entering supermarkets to get more soda drinks, drinking away his after-thirst from the night before. Strac gave a small historical description of the buildings around the Dam and the Dam itself. They continued strolling to the Nieuwmarkt, crossing the Red Light District (in good Dutch: de Wallen) by daylight in a zigzag pattern. With a good sense of tradition the Tiger bar was visited again, as it was the meet before. On the Nieuwmarkt Killersunited received another historical debriefing and then the two left and walked to the central station.
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