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17th February 2001 - Royal Leamington Spa, England
When the pub closed the small group headed to a local night club. While waiting in the queue Ravioli lent his coat to a young female, while McBart went about pulling. Once inside more drinking was partaken and much cavorting was done. Eventually it was time to leave and the four left the club to catch a cab back to Kntajus' house. Unfortunately due to the extreme fog, taxis were at a premium and an hour wait was forthcoming. McBart, whilst moaning about the cold, failed miserably to get an earlier taxi. Whilst waiting a light snack was bought and eaten at the local kebab house. Eventually the cab arrived and slowly drove the group back through the dense fog to Kntajus' house where the four settled down for the night.
The next day, on awakening, breakfast was cooked and eaten and the foursome chatted whilst they struggled to get over their hangovers. Eventually it was time to part and bring another TDO meet to an end.
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