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25th August, 2000 - Newbury, England
Awakening the next day, the three Diuturnals washed and got dressed in the nearby toilets and made their way back to their computers. Once the computers had been turned on, they made their way to the breakfast bar, which was selling sausage and bacon rolls, and consumed some fodder. Today was the day for the team games, unfortunately the only team game of Unreal Tournament was Capture The Flag, not a favourite of most TDOers. Also Ve7 was nowhere to be seen, so there were only three members of TDO, of which Ravioli was not registered for some strange reason. After finally getting Ravioli registered 3 more eager players were recruited to make up the 6 man team needed to compete.
The format was round robin where every team played each other and there was an air of optimism.
The first match began with TDO taking an early 2-0 lead, unfortunately it was short lived and the match ended in defeat. This was quickly followed by another match in which TDO was once again beaten. There was then a short break before the next round of matches were due to take place.
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